Any absences must be in writing at least one week in advance of the date of absence. If no notice of absence is given in advance, you will be charged for the days of absence at the full rate of whatever your current rate is for the week.
Absences for more than one (1) week without notification will be considered a withdrawal from enrollment and you will have to re-enroll your child to return.

Emergency Absence Policy
Any unforeseen absence due to an emergency must be documented i.e.., death, hospitalization, car accident or car problems. If documentation is not received the regular fee will be assessed.

Notice of Withdrawal
The Center requests at least two (2) weeks’ notice before the actual withdrawal of your child. Your deposit will be applied towards the final weeks your child was in our care. Failure to submit a notice of withdrawal will result in your forfeiting this fee. Giving notice allows us to fill the upcoming vacancy.

Accident/Injury Policy
In the event of an accident/illness /injury or crisis management, we will notify parents or whoever is listed on the information contact card depending on the emergency. Complete an accident report detailing what happened. If the emergency requires medical attention we will call 911 and do whatever we need to do to comfort the child until the parent or emergency personnel arrives.
If the child has a fever, diarrhea or flu like symptoms please keep your child at home.
If the kids become sick while at daycare ACWLC will notify the parent or contact on emergency card. We will used the lobby in Suite 1 for kids awaiting their parent’s arrival.

All Children must be current with their immunizations. Verification will be required prior to attendance.

Food Service Program
Please know that we are not able to provide hot lunches at this time. We will provide breakfast and at least (2) snacks a day. Parents are encouraged to bring a lunch for their child daily as we will discard whatever the child does not eat daily.
For infants and toddlers we will provide a daily note via Procare connect to the parent of the child food intake, type of food and amount eaten. We are requesting that the parent bring bottles already made with the child’s name on them. We will also make notation of the child sleep pattern and how long they slept. We will note bowel movements, consistence and frequency. The child’s behavior will be listed as well.
Parents with special needs children will be given a written daily record via Procare connect with the same items listed above for infants and toddlers.

Field Trip
Written permission shall be signed by each parent before a field trip. The permission slips will be kept on file at the center.

Observed Holidays
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s  Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,   Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Martin Luther King’s Birthday. The Center will be closed for the above days.  We normally close for 2 weeks in December starting on 12/24/2021 returning after New Year’s Day.

Professional Development Days for training for staff will take place on the following Holidays:  Presidents Day in February and Columbus Day in October, Election Day in November.

Licensing notebook
The Licensing notebook contains all the licensing inspection and special investigation reports and related corrective action plans since May 28, 2010.

  • The licensing notebook is available to parents during regular business hours. This book will be kept on Side 2 at the front desk.
  • Licensing inspection and special investigation reports from at least the past 2 years are available on the childcare licensing website at www.michigan.gov/michildcare
  •  Written documentation that the parent received the written information packet as required by sub rule (1) of this rule shall be kept on file at the center.

Special Needs Plan

The purpose of the special needs plan is to provide services and referrals as needed for the child’s needs. It is important that the center and families communicate and stay closely connected. This helps to create a strong trusted bond that is only looking out for the best interest of the child. Children develop at their own rate, however some lack development in certain areas that can make it harder for them to continue developing successfully. The earlier that these unmet developmental milestones are realized and addressed the more successful the outcome will be. For this reason, we find it very important for families to share their concerns as we will do the same. We utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) annually to keep both the home and the program informed of the child’s developmental progress. We will share these results during  parent – teacher conferences annually but also anything important that should arise in -between. We encourage parents to share with us at any time any concern that they may have so we can work together to best help support the child throughout the day. It is important that the children, families, and staff feel comfortable with the care they are receiving. If we feel that the family should seek out additional screening or support, we will gladly refer them to agencies such as Early on, Build Up the Intermediate School District (ISD), community partners, articles, or other specific agencies that may be able to meet the needs of the child. The staff at A Child’s World  Learning Center continually attend trainings that help them stay and become more educated on children’s diverse needs and how accommodations can be made for their success.

Health Plan

The purpose of the health plan is to provide a healthy environment for all children and staff. It is very important for the prevention of childhood diseases, healthy brain development, and physical growth. Healthy children make it possible for parents and staff to work and not have to take time off which in return helps provide a steady routine and consistency of care. Upon enrollment the parents are given a health appraisal for their doctor to complete. Checking the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) monthly allows me to alert parents to upcoming health needs. As the Director I will remind parents regularly that their file indicated that their year’s physical is approaching.

We  keep records of all immunizations and waivers. If they do not currently have a doctor a packet of comprehensive resources such as health care centers, local pediatricians, health department and other local services can be shared. Our staff and I take ongoing professional development to stay on top of new information and work collaboratively with community services to provide the best information to families as we can.

Payment : Tuition is due each Monday for the upcoming week there will be a $15.00 late fee will be applied to payments not received at the end of the day on Monday. Tuition is due every Monday following the week of care. We are currently using Tuition Express for all payments. Once enrolled we will invite you to join. (www.Myprocare.com)

A $37.00 fee is required on NSF checks. After the second insufficient fund check, the Center may require cash or credit card payments only.

We also use Google pay but we prefer to use MyProcare  is a free online portal for you to access account information and easily pay tuition. MyProcare is safe, and secure and created with convenience in mind.

Note: If you use the app you will be able to see your account 24/7 therefore no need for receipts as you can print your own receipts. You will also be able to print what you need to file your taxes yearly,

Deposit: The center requires a one-week deposit paid prior to the first week of the child’s attendance along with a $50.00 registration fee. The one-week deposit will be applied toward the last week in tuition providing all requirements have been met and there are no outstanding fees.